Staying Ahead of the Curve: Pros and Cons of Fashion Trends

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When it comes to buying fashion, we are told it is important to know how to spot outdated colors, prints and styles. With quickly changing fashion trends, it can be difficult for buyers to tell what color or print fabrics are still in style.

The fashion trend cycle is now shorter than ever. In the past, a trend used to last 20 years. Due to TikTok and social media, fashion trend cycles have accelerated to a few months or weeks.

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 The acceleration in and out of style doesn’t just mean a wardrobe feels outdated within a year, or that shoppers fell for a trend. It also translates to thousands of discarded clothes ending up in a landfill. 

What makes a fashion design “outdated”? If you believe everything you read, the entire country is not only talking about fashion trends but also wearing them. Last summer, crochet clothing was everywhere. From dresses to tote bags, something crochet could be found in almost every clothing store.  

Trend agencies make money forecasting the next fashion trend, publishing trend books for fashion designers and brands. On average, it costs garment manufacturers at least $1,000 per season to buy trend books to keep up with fashion trends.  

Why? Garment manufacturers and fashion brands fear they could be missing a trend and therefore missing out on sales. So, they follow the forecast of trend agencies to design their clothing. The result is that the entire fashion industry often makes the same clothes to sell to customers. How many times have you gone clothes shopping and felt everything looks the same?  

Unfortunately, fashion trend forecasting doesn’t encourage new ideas. Not everyone wants the same clothing, in the same colors, using the same prints, made out of the same material. More and more fashion customers are looking for something different because they wear fashion to express themselves. 

The best garment manufacturers follow their style instincts.

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They sell to customers who don’t want to wear the same clothes as everyone else.  A patterned silk coat, an embroidered bomber jacket, a gold loafer, an abstract printed blouse – they all become personal statements that can be worn and enjoyed for decades. 

Fashion is important for expressing creativity, identity, and joy. But none of these things can be achieved if we are chasing fashion trends purposefully designed to become outdated. Follow your style instincts and celebrate color and creativity!


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Model: Brigitte Axelrode in Hawaii (IG @gigilaxel)

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