Danielle Nelisse is an artist, and also one of America’s seasoned Immigration Attorneys.
She knows from experience that when sensitive people feel they are not free to express their emotions, it compromises their emotional and physical health.

By creating abstract paintings she reflects her art patron’s emotions back to them to celebrate their individuality.

Nelisse works out of her design studio in Kihei, Maui, but was raised in Detroit, Michigan. Known for her adventurous spirit both in life and on the canvas, she takes risks with her art, often experimenting with vivid colors to create textiles. 

Danielle has had formal training in art, law, criminal investigation, and urban planning. As an immigration attorney she has had years of direct experience with the impact of policy changes on her national and international clientele, and uses her art to depict imagery associated with global issues. As a former private investigator, Danielle has developed a unique perspective on human action and interaction.

After studying law and art in Florence, Italy, Vienna, Austria, and Strasbourg, France, Nelisse studied oil painting and composition with internationally renown fine artist Herb Dubin. Most recently she has been a mentee of American Master artist Hyacinthe Kuller Baron.

Growing up in the sixties in the gritty city of Detroit influenced Danielle’s social values and she has a deep commitment to human rights issues like civil rights, equality and fairness. She is also devoted to removing the stigma of mental illness and addressing climate change, and donates part of her art sales to psycho-social clubhouses that provide a safe haven for mentally ill adults, as well as to climate change fundraisers.