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Floral fashion prints are often associated with delicate and sweet designs. Abstract fashion prints, on the other hand, may be considered more edgy and modern. Abstract print and pattern fashion fabric give you the versatility to create a unique style. Abstract prints look vibrant and skim over the hips and tummy to create a slimline silhouette. Wearing an abstract print can be outside of your comfort zone, but a bold print may compliment fuller figures in all the right places.

Floral prints are often associated with spring and summertime, while abstract prints are often worn in the fall and winter. However, there are a lot of ways to dress for the spring and summer season without relying on floral prints. Some of the year’s biggest trends, like bright colors, are absolutely perfect for the spring season.

Who says that the only pattern that screams spring is floral? This year’s spring and summer fashion pieces have no shortage of fun, gorgeous, non-floral patterns—including everything from paisley to geometric to abstract. A unique statement piece can be worn without defaulting to a floral print.

It used to be said that floral prints were used to create a more feminine look, while abstract prints are more masculine – but not anymore! Floral prints were long associated with womenswear. However, times have changed and hopefully, masculinity is more secure in itself than to cringe at the very thought of wearing something like a flower. If anything, the acceptance of colors like pink, baby blue, and teal have shown that many men are ready to embrace the floral style.

The floral trend initially made its way into menswear with the Hawaiian shirt and swim trunks. Its large appeal gave way for designers to work with floral patterns outside of the traditional vacation shirt. Currently, floral styles have moved away from the tropics to include Native American, African and English floral prints.Today, fashionable menswear is appropriating traditionally feminine design elements on an unparalleled international scale.

Floral prints may add a touch of childishness to an outfit, while abstract prints may be viewed as more adult. Have you heard this lately? “I’m so sick of floral prints! They are everywhere. I feel like I can’t find a cute dress that is a bold graphic or geometric print anywhere. Does anyone know of any bold print dresses out there?”

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Floral prints may be easier to mix and match with other pieces of clothing, while abstract prints may be more difficult to mix and match. Some brands try to hide bigger bodies behind unflattering ruffles and childish tiny flower prints. However, bold florals and large-scale florals fit into a dramatic dressing style and exude more power and confidence.

There is a reason that floral prints are more commonly found in affordable clothing brands, while abstract prints are more commonly found in expensive brands.

Creating a digital repeat floral pattern is less time consuming, and therefore less expensive for garment manufacturers to purchase. Once the floral design is drawn on a computer or Ipad, there are many software programs that can automatically turn one flower into a digital repeat pattern.

 On the other hand, complex abstract prints are usually hand painted onto a canvas, photographed, and then manipulated by software into a repeated pattern. Sophisticated graphic design skills are required to transform the painting into a repeat pattern usable for fashion fabric. Therefore, complex abstract fashion artwork is more expensive for garment manufacturers to purchase.

Think about wearing bold colors that make you feel great! Life is short!


Fabric Design:  IG @daniellenelisse

Photographer: IG @brittneybakerphotographymaui

Model: Brigitte Axelrode in Hawaii (IG @gigilaxel)


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