Transformative Geopolitics Series

TRANSFORMATIVE GEOPOLITICS series was inspired by discussions in California and elsewhere about how to resolve international border issues, multiple identities, inequality, and the ways that exclusion of foreign nationals can dominate contemporary geopolitics. Geopolitics, from the Greek word (earth + politics), refers to the relationship between politics and territories.

As an Immigration Attorney, Nelisse knows border issues.

New theories of geopolitical reasoning strive to reduce international border problems by revising current geopolitical practices through “transformative geopolitics” using the complex realities that unite people (environment, academics, politics, education, economy, recreation) to achieve a grounded geopolitical osmosis that incorporates many voices.Perhaps here we can begin to come to a visual understanding of how geography, politics and people can resolve their differences.

Most of the Transformative Geopolitical paintings have been sold, but there are a few left:

View paintings in the Climate Change series here.