Retro Luminescense Series


danielle nelisse art portfolio

How the Retro Luminescense Series Came About

In this painting series, Nelisse explores street art, grafitti art, and 1980 neon florescent colors.

This artwork portfolio contains the RETRO LUMINESCENSE series. A reflection of how colors, fashion trends, and self indulgence of the 1980’s are surging back, we see retro signs in contemporary modern day politics. The result has been, according to some, a revitalized focus on materialism.


Wildfires Series 


danielle nelisse artist wildfires paintings

How the Wildfires Series Came About

In this painting series, Nelisse presents abstract landscape artwork depicting wildfires in different seasons.

Danielle Nelisse’s series, entitled “Wildfires,” was inspired when nine wildfires simultaneously surrounded her previous art studios in southern California. The sky became dark with charred ash. While she stood in her studio creating the first two paintings on two canvases side-by-side, her family members checked in over the phone to make sure she was well. The massive wildfires were fed for days by the hot Santa Ana winds that blew in from the desert.

This artwork portfolio contains the WILDFIRES series. The artist is concerned with how climate change has resulted in severe drought conditions, which spark wildfires.


Climate Change Series 



How the Climate Change Series Came About

In this painting series, Nelisse presents artwork that visually communicate on an emotional level her feelings about the challenges of global climate change.

Bold-colored, dynamic and complex, her work makes it impossible to intellectualize an issue we so easily (and sometimes, readily) like to distance ourselves from. Instead, it invites us to deeply and courageously feel our feelings, and perhaps recognize that there is beauty even in sadness.


Transformative Geopolitics Series


#geopoliticalharmony painting danielle nelisse



How the Transformative Geopolitics Series Came About

In this painting series, Nelisse presents abstract artwork inspired by a combination of politics and geography through her international work as an immigration attorney.

What is geopolitics?  Simply put, it is the study of the effects of geography on politics and international relations. The artist is hopeful that geopolitics can be valued, because integrating geopolitics in decision making helps us understand the contemporary world.

This artwork portfolio contains the TRANSFORMATIVE GEOPOLITICS series. International border issues, multiple identities, inequality, and the ways that foreign nationals are excluded often dominate contemporary geopolitics. There is a need for objective geopolitical intelligence and analysis to make sense of our increasingly complicated world.